Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is it different to raise a boy than a girl?

Raising a boy and a girl are very different. Well at least the 10 months that we have been blessed with a boy have been very different. He is much tougher, he doesn't think things through, he is determined to reach his goal, he isn't afraid that he may fall out of his bucket swing doing so.....

Yeah mom, this swinging stuff is lots of fun!
Sure it's fun, now how exactly am I going to do this?

Well I am pretty sure these chains go all the way to the top, so....if I just grab them I can get out of this bucket and climb up to the top and have a seat up there. Yeah that is a good idea, let me hurry before that mom lady comes back.

After I snapped this last shot I ran over to grab my monkey out of his swing, yes he had started to pull himself out. I guess next time I will need a rope to tie him down. He was determined to hoist himself out of the swing, while it was swinging high in the air. Boys.....a whole new world for me. Meredith was nothing like my Noah man, very cautious, very careful, thought things through. We will most likely be at the ER before he is two with a broken bone.


Anonymous said...

Sounds so much like my little guy! Funny how that works. David's new thing is to unplug every thing from the wall sockets. Drives me nuts. We have the kiddo protectors so he can't hurt himself trying to plug things back least, he shouldn't be able to. It's driving me nuts though. There is no protector capable of keeping lamps, fans and the like in that darn socket when he is around. I have little scratches in the paint around my sockets from him poking the plugs he's pulled at the wall.

jennlagdavis said...

just wait until noah startes sliding off the sofa on pillows -- that's what we are into now and it makes my heart skip a beat everytime!

mandi said...

Lisa, Noah loves to unplug stuff too. I have child things that he hasn't gotten off but he loves to play with the plugs that are under my sofa. he can reach and unplug them. Scares me to death!

Jenn--- I am so not prepared for a little boy. meredith is so girly it is unreal....very cautious, I never have to worry she would hurt herself, she never does dangerous things.