Monday, September 8, 2008

A rite of passage

Tonight I took Meredith to her weekly dance class. She went right inside with Ms. Lori and Noah and I hung out in the hall with the other moms. There are 12 girls in her dance class, 3 of which she started out with in gymnastics, so they have been together since day 1. Which means, us moms have also been together since day 1. While one of the moms is someone I hang out with socially outside of waiting for our two year olds to finish dance the other two are not. But for one hour each week we are friends. Two of us have a child younger than a 2 year old. One of them is pregnant and the other has a child older than a two year old. During that hour we swap stories of our children and motherhood and talk about how wonderful and convenient it would be to have a Starbucks next door. And in that hour we grow and learn from one another and gripe about how far out it is, but we talk like school girls again.

Tonight we were talking about the girls' recital and reminiscing about our own recitals some 25-30 years ago. We were talking about what we did as kids in dancing and things of that nature and I couldn't help but think how these total strangers came into my life and now I share 1 hour a week with them. I don't talk to them outside of dancing. Until recently I wasn't even sure of what they did outside of being a mom In the past 9 months I have watched their daughters grow as I have watched mine and I am amazed at how far these four little girls have come.

I know that people will continue to come in and out of my life and my children's, I hope they are wise enough to spend time with people and take something away from that friendship, no matter how insignificant the friendhip may seem.

I now go to dancing as the proud mom instead of the little ballerina. Tonight I imagined Meredith doing the same with her daughter one day, and thought about my mom sitting there watching me years ago making some friends of her own. I relished in the fact that today it was my turn to take her... my turn to be the mommy, to use this hour to make new friends and swap stories watch my daughter and I grow together. I was honored to be there tonight with Meredith as her mommy.

I don't know how long our girls will be in dancing together or how long I will sit in the hall with these ladies, but I do know that I have thoroughly enjoyed being a mom of a ballerina with them and I look forward to seeing them on Monday nights.


Julia said...

amen! thank God for all the mommy friends (esp. the ones who work labor and delivery that I would have not otherwise known!). although I'm probably the main complainer about the drive and lack of food ;)... I do love all my mommy chat time!

Jess said...

Oooh you must introduce me to your Lab & Del contacts ;) haha!
Yes, I think we all need the comraderie.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Isn't it amazing how many new people get to touch our lives once we have kids? We are doing what we can to give them friends, but they are returning the favor indirectly.