Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where have a I been, where have I been...

Well tonight I went to a Miss America type pageant, well not really. More like a Miss Mississippi pageant, well no, not really like that either. More like a Mr. trying to be like a Miss on Bourbon street down towards Esplanade Ave. if you know what I mean. And for those of you that don't, I mean a drag beauty pageant. My better half was a contestant. Yes it was a night of many firsts. The first time my husband dressed in drag, what he did before he married me is his business and if he did it before....I don't want to know.

But yes tonight Josh was Miss Mya Grain.....get it?

Meredith also had a first tonight. I got a baby sitter to come and watch Noah so she could attend her first was her first even if it was in drag. And she was all about it. All about her daddy painting his finger and toes like hers. All about her daddy having pretty hair and a pink dress and shoes like mommy's. Yes she was all about it until Miss Carrie showed up. Carrie walked in and swept Noah away into a playroom so we could get going. I love it how she just comes right in and does that.....that is my kind of babysitter.

Anyway Miss Carrie comes in and right then and there Meredith decides she is not going with her Mommy and Daddy she is staying with Miss Carrie. Apparently I am less cool than Carrie. That was the first time she wanted to stay with a babysitter and not go with me. And this was the first time that someone was cooler than me. Oh well, it was bound to happen.

Well good night all and tomorrow I perhaps I will post a picture of Miss Mya Grain and her fellow contestants. That is if she doesn't mind. And no he didn't win. There were much prettier men than my dear husband, which is fine with me. I like him better as a man anyway. He did great though, must have been all that practicing at work Tracy.


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Blair said...

Oh yes, pictures are a must!

And what on earth was that for??

Julia said...

like everyone else.... WAITING FOR THE PICTURES!!!