Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's hard not to compare notes

So I am taking a break from the Disney extravaganza, partially because you may be tired of it and partially because I am too lazy to edit the next set of pictures right now. Since we have gotten home I am damn tired and would love to be damn lazy, but with two tikes running around who has time to be lazy.

Anyway back to the original post for today......comparing notes.

Today I took an impromptu visit to the pediatrician. It wasn't a well baby visit or a "sick" visit, although the littlest tike has a mean cough and crusty nose. This was for the older tike to find out she has a staff infection....well we think. At least the official diagnosis is staff/strep on our paper. And we got some antibiotic ointment to address that, illness after the next this year. We should be infection, virus, fever free by 2010....maybe.

While I was there, I noticed the good old milestone chart that I referred to at Meredith's umpteen thousand appointments in her first year. I brought her to the doctor a lot, for some real doozy excuses too. The doctor had me pegged as the classic first time mom. I brought her in thinking that she might be deaf, or like when she rolled off the bed, or when she slept through the night, and when she didn't sleep through the night, and just because it's been over a month since we have seen you doc and I just missed ya!

Yeah they had me pegged alright. Noah on the other hand, has been a handful of times. In fact his ears were diagnosed at well baby visits or when his sister had the flu. Their arms would have to be falling off for me to bring them in now. Yeah it has to be a damn good excuse for me to sit in a waiting room full of viruses while trying to entertain two kids while waiting on doctors who are generally running pretty thanks!

So yes, we have been with all the funk we have had this year, but no where near the amount of times we went for Meredith's first year. And honestly she was never really sick that year. Go figure.

Oh how I digress....I'm tired. Anyway I looked at the trusty old milestone chart they have displayed on the wall, the one I studied and memorized when Meredith was a baby. Today was the first time I noticed it since her 12 month appointment. For a moment I just glanced thinking back to my old self and how I used to drive myself nuts because she didn't reach one of those milestones under her age or how I would study what she needed to be doing at the next visit to practice.

Today though I did get up and look at it. 2 months....check...we are doing all those things. 4 months....check....we are doing those too. We also have the 6 and 9 month category down pat. Good thing since we are rapidly approaching his first birthday. Then I looked at 12 months.....holy shit....pointing to objects he knows. Ummmm have I even tried that. Getting things out and putting them back.....does he even have a minute before the toy is snatched from his grasp and then a screaming war begins.

How do you keep track of the second one? Where do you find time to practice and read and work on those skills? Does he even have a fighting chance to have practice? I guess it is more of a nature verse nurture thing. Or something that can be learned indirectly.

Today when we got home from the doctor I put him on the floor and laid out a few things. Noah....where is the ball? Where is the block? And then he looked at me like I was crazy had a big devilish grin and blew the biggest, sloppiest raspberry in my face. Yep, he was right and so was the look on his face...."lady don't be crazy I know what they are....I don't have to point to prove it right now."

I'm glad that little boy brought me back to reality. There are a lot less worries when your life is full of chaos. Maybe I will try for that third and then a fourth afterall.....kidding Josh. Hell after the 2nd I hear the rest are a piece of cake!


Blair said...

I feel ya. At Frances' 6 month check-up the doctor asked if she could pass a toy from one hand to the other. I laughed and said, "She doesn't get the chance to! Once she shows interest in anything, Charlotte rips it out of her hands."

The Owen Family said...

Very cute new Fall picture. They look soo cute!! Is that with your camera? Maybe I should get one of those fancy cameras. I have slacked on taking pictures. I know what you mean with the 2nd. Thomas used to get read to so much more and we would practice letters each night in the bathtub. Logan has learned from Sesame Street and Thomas. ha! Wonder what my 3rd will get?