Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is it...

Well it is finally here, our adventure begins tomorrow! We are headed to Orlando for 8 days and 7 nights of Mickey and Minnie fun! The blog will be on vacation, the happiest place on earth doesn't have free Wi-fi which makes me wonder if it is really the happiest place on earth. Seriously though I won't be blogging or reading blogs from Orlando, although the thought has crossed my mind. I will be taking it all in with my kiddos and enjoy our vacation. So I will miss you internets, but really we need a little break. See you all next Saturday, I should definitely be in withdrawals by then!!!


Blair said...

Have fun!
And a travel tip. When you cannot blog, make notes at the end of the day. You would be surprised at how much you will forget when you get home. The funny things they say, the meltdowns, the sweet moments...they blend together when you don't write them down.
Yet another reason why I am glad I blog!

Adalyn's World Views said...

Have a great time. Don't sweat the little stuff, bc there is always little stuff. Enjoy!!!! Wish we were coming.