Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too old to be a princess

So as we were sitting and waiting for the princess lunch, I told my mom that this was the kind of job I needed. To get paid to be a princess and visit with people during lunch.

My mom then informed me that she was pretty sure I wouldn't get the job. I asked if she didn't think I was princess material. I mean sure I don't wear as much makeup as they do, but I can pull that off for the right price.

I was also as tall as Snow White so surely I would pass some sort of height requirement. And they all wore wigs, so really my hair color not being black or platinum shouldn't matter. She said that all those things were true but.....

when I put 29 down on the application they were sure to chunk it! Well I may be 29, but when I smile I don't look like a hyena....poor Cindrella...I am so kidding she is beautiful.....right Noah?

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Blair said...

you are not too old! a friend of mine from high school (a year behind me) used to be Alice in Wonderland there and is now Windy Darling