Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If you hear an almost one year old screaming...

I promise he isn't hurt. It is just that his mean old mom will NOT let him....

- crawl down the stairs head first, yes all 18 of them!
- crawl into the dishwasher to play
- play with the knives he confiscates from the dishwasher
- play in Brownie's water bowl
- play with the water in the toilet
- go outside to play anytime a door opens
- open my shower door to play in the shower
- climb into and out of the tub on his own, well really head dive in and out of the tub
- tear up Styrofoam plates for fun....they are too expensive Noah!
- eat suckers all day long!
- drink out of a big boy cup instead of a sippy cup
- skip diaper changes all day long
- roam the house without a diaper
- go down the slide by himself
- get down in restaurants to crawl
- get down in the grocery store to crawl around
- pull his sisters hair
- eat baby wipes
- drive the barbie jeep around the house un-supervised
- climb up all 18 steps
- eat dog food
- eat only ice cream for dinner

Yes if you hear screaming coming from my house it is probably for one of the reasons listed above, that or we are trying to get him to eat a well balanced meal. Boys!


The Owen Family said...

That is sooooo Logan too!!

Shannon said...

OMG! You guys let them drive the Jeep inside?!

Sounds like Noah is as "strong-willed" as Jax. I'm really hoping Baylor isn't quite as "dramatic."