Friday, November 14, 2008

Is it seriously not even noon!

I feel like today is the never ending day! Will it please be nap time already! The two kiddos woke up bright and early and haven't stopped. Meredith has spent most of her morning sitting in a corner for various things from hitting her brother, to almost pulling my drapes off the wall, to throwing the mother of all tantrums while I was on the phone with the Cuisinart lady....who feels sorry for me by the way.

Noah has decided that he is a direct ancestor of spider man and has learned to scale walls overnight. His new hobbies also include de-baby proofing the house, moving baby gates to climb the steps, flipping off of the mini trampoline and laughing when corrected. He also learned to wave and say bye-bye. I have found him on top the little table in the playroom, sitting in cabinets and dresser drawers. He also likes to scale the entertainment system. God knew what he was doing when he made him the second me!

The other thing is the non-stop fighting....the screaming, the whining, the "it's mine!", the "mommy!" Yes it has begun I am sure it will only last oh say another 20+ years!

I have fed them lunch and am now just waiting until noon so I can put them down for an early afternoon nap...think they will sleep to at least 4?......God knows I need it! That and a margarita with an extra shot of tequila! Yeah that should do it. Well nap time is almost here.....I guess I have to come out of hiding and break up the war in the playroom. Happy freaking Friday!


Amy said...

LOL! So funny! That post made me laugh for the first time today!

Brandi said...

LOL about the cuisinart lady! I can totally relate to the spider man problem. We need to get the boys together sometime and let them wear each other out. Your stories about Noah might as well be written about Ethan too, lol.

Olivia said...

Honey, can you bring me a double shot frozen with no salt in a go cup? These two munchkins are wearing me out over here.

Blair said...

Frannie is a climber too. Must be a second child. The other day at the park, she scooted away from me and before I could grab her, she went down the slide BY HERSELF! And not the little one mind you, THE BIG ONE! I nearly died.

Hang in there. TGIF! (says the woman on her second glass of wine!)