Sunday, November 16, 2008

Say Cheese!

This weekend we had a busy weekend. We went to the zoo, we went to eat Chinese and then we finally headed home from Nola. The food was delicious and I ate it with much gusto. My advice to all of you is don't eat Chinese food and then get in a car with a 2 hour ride home. I will save you all the details, but last night was pretty rough. While all was quiet in my house, I wasn't sleeping and was feeling like death. I let my husband sleep through it, he needed the sleep and I knew I would need him to care for my two the next day.

I did manage to get out of bed long enough for my friend Brandi to come and take pictures of my tikes! To say they were little hams is in understatement. Here is link to the sneak peak. I cannot wait to see the rest. I think the pictures speak for themselves, isn't Brandi and amazing photographer. She is located in Picayune for anyone interested, email me for her contact info and check out her blog.

Didn't they look so cute, I have to credit Josh with making them so cute! He was the one to get them ready this morning. Aren't they adorable? Thanks so much Brandi!


Julia said...

really cute pictures! hope you're feeling better!

Jaimie said...

Does she drive to "20 minutes from Dallas?" :-) She did a wonderful job!!!

Jennifer said...

Those pictures are truly priceless. I told Brandi on Saturday at our session that I look forward to reading the exploits of Meredity and Noah as much like it's my favorite TV show!

Brandi said...

So glad you guys like the pictures! The one of them in the chairs is definitely my favorite too :)