Friday, November 21, 2008

What she says.....over-worked and under-paid

"Momma what you doing?"

"I am getting the Kentwood bottles to put outside so we can get some water"

"Oh.........Momma I help you" trying to pick one of the 5 gallon jugs up

"Momma, I can't do it....its heavy"

"Bug Mommy will get it"

"No momma....I do it....I do it"

"Okay, carry it to front door"

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to work I go.....HI Ho, Hi Ho, Hi to work I go" and she sang this the entire walk from the garage to the front porch while toting the empty jug

"Bug where did you learn that song?" trying to recall if she ever saw that movie, which she didn't

"See momma I do it.....I CAN do it!"

"Bug who taught you the Hi Ho song?"

"I no know momma....I did it!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too cute. Did she learn the song at Disney?