Friday, December 19, 2008

Well we didn't exactly make it to Memphis

In fact we didn't make it past a mile away when we had to turn around for the 2nd time. Meredith woke up this morning at 8am. We decided to let her sleep in since she was up so late last night. At 8am when she awoke she definitely was not herself. She didn't want breakfast and just laid on the floor not talking, not running around, not whining or crying. She just laid there. so I knew that our curse on Memphis had once again struck. The curse being that every time we plan a trip to Memphis our kids become violently ill. I'm not even making this up, nor do I wish it upon them or give them something to cause a hyperactive gag reflux either, despite what some may think. I am pretty confident that my father-in-law now suspects we make this up. We don't.

Anyway we continued on with our packing and plans to head out despite Meredith's weird behavior. One because I wanted to get the trip over with and not have to rearrange schedules and pick a new weekend. Second because I knew Josh's dad was really looking forward to it and I wanted to give him his Christmas wish. Which was that our family was healthy and able to make the trip. I know hand you a Kleenex, that last statement makes me look like a wicked witch, but whatever.

So we got in the car and made it out the driveway and to the next subdivision when we realized we forgot the phone charger and had to turn around. I needed my cell phone which contained my only Internet access. As we were pulling back into our driveway Meredith started vomiting everywhere. She hadn't eaten or drank anything so it was just clear fluids, but the smell was awful. I whipped her out the car seat and carried her like a baby and the poor thing was so confused she asked...."Momma....whose house is dis?"

We brought her in and I cleaned her up while Josh simultaneously cleaned the van and Noah sat happily in his car seat throwing cheerios. We all came inside and regrouped, where we decided to go ahead with our original plans and brave the trip with a sick kid. She really didn't seem that sick other than the touch of vomit that touched everywhere in the loser cruiser. So we changed out the car seats and put the one from Josh's car in and then reloaded the van with our new movies and tikes and headed out again.

We made it as far as our local chickfila when our sick tike asked for lemonade. Who was I to deny her lemonade. I was the one after all making her travel while nauseated and vomiting. Sure my baby could definitely have lemonade and a chicken biscuit if she wanted. We ordered our lemonades and made it to the window when the vomit struck again. This time I got it, Meredith got it, the loser cruiser was doomed and Noah was still laughing and throwing cheerios.

At that point my husband made the executive decision to head home and cancel yet another Memphis trip. He did utter something about the kids at least seeing where he was from once before they were thirty. Hopefully we can make that happen. I think this was the 6th trip we cancelled due to them getting sick....I'm not joking.....or exaggerating. Neither one of my kids have ever been to Memphis. Meredith has while in utero twice, but that's it.

So we got home cleaned up the van once more, cleaned up the child who sweetly said "Momma can I take my clothes wit da fro up off?" I stripped her down and wiped her down and then put her jammys on and put her in my bed with her new movie. Where she proceeded to fro up and nap all day. I think we have changed the sheets three times now. We dont' have the best aim for the bucket. Now she is feeling better, a little warm, but back to herself. Another Memphis trip doomed from the get go. Noah is starting to get very cranky, hopefully he won't "fro up" soon.

Now I have to reschedule and I know there is a good chance I will have a house guest for Christmas. Ba humbug!


Blair said...

I hope she feels better soon! Nothing worse than a sick toddler.

Jaimie said...

Oh No!!! Hope she is feeling better!!

Jess said...

Ohhh Myyyy God! I can't believe their getting sick again. Poor things! So sorry for Miss Meredith! Hope it's a quickie. Sending good thoughts your way.