Monday, January 12, 2009

A force to be reckoned with...

This picture describes my little man perfectly. He is everywhere, all over, unstoppable! He is climbing on things I never thought he would. He is lunging head first down 14 feet tall slides. He is danger with a capital D! In fact me and Meredith's favorite saying these days is "Danger! Danger Will Robinson!" I say this all day long and yet the constant falls and tumbles do not deter this little monkey.

Today he started something new. He went to his first day of "Just Moving" Mommy and Me. It is a step up from the baby class and all of the kids in it except for mine are walking. Noah looked at all the kids walking today and decided to try it out. He stood on 3 separate occasions all by himself. He was all over, his lack of walking did not slow him down, he was determined to do everything all the other kids were doing, including walking on the balance beam.

He also made two little girls cry today. I guess one day he will be a heart breaker. He decided to be the most lovable guy in the room and hugged on all the other mommas. Two little girls did not think this was very nice and got very jealous when Noah plopped his bottom on their momma's laps and then turned to love on them. They took one look at Noah on their momma's laps and started crying huge crocodile tears. Noah thought it was hilarious, he made no attempt to move even when the little girls tried to pull him away.

Yes, my mam is always into something, but he always has a huge smile on his face and a great big hug and kiss for you! Oh how I love my little boy!

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Amy said...

Oh my goodness...a little heartbreaker! I love it:)