Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm guessing this is just the beginning

On any given day if you swing by my house you will inevitably hear.....

"NO! NO! MOMMMMM NOAH TOOK MY (insert random pink girl toy here)"


And then you will walk into the room where the reverberating screams are coming from and see Noah playing with the said toy while bearing a grin from ear to ear.

In the past few weeks this is happening more and more. And Noah could care less about how loud his sister screams or how big her tears are. He just goes on about his merry way and will produce his own scream of equal intensity until his sister gives him the pink, shiny toy he covets.

My kids are as different as night and day. Meredith is such a rule follower. She loses it if things aren't just so. She craves her routine and likes things the way they are supposed to be. The sun always rises in the west and sets in the east. That is my girl. Noah is the total opposite. He could care less about the word no, he could care less how many times you remove him from something or take something away. His determination is relentless, but my boy so is mine and I will instill rules in your life....I promise. You can alter his schedule and he will adapt with a smile. Very little rocks his world.

These very different qualities are what fuels these battles that have only just begun. I am sure I will referee and moderate them for years to come. I really didn't expect it to start this early, nor did I expect the screaming to be so loud. I was hoping they would be instant buddies and never utter a mean word to one another, just like me and my sister.....right mom.

From now on though Santa will only bring pink, sparkly, girly toys for them both. The loads of dump trucks and blocks go untouched. But the baby dolls, strollers, makeup kit, pink kitchen, pink microphone and cd player and dress up are hot commodities around here. What can I say?

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laurie said...

AWE!!!!! It's Mandi & Leigh Ann!!!!!!