Wednesday, January 28, 2009

little noah

Dear Noah,

It's been a while since I have given an update on you. You are my busy bee. You keep me on my toes and running around. You are the happiest, sweetest baby around. You will go to just about anyone to give loving to, but are definitely a momma's boy. I love that. I can fuss or correct you and you just flash a sweet smile my way and the world is right. It takes a lot to correct you because of this and most days you get away with it all.

You still won't walk. You have walked multiple times unassisted, but still prefer to crawl or be carried. Except for when we are in public places like the library, Target, the grocery. Then you definitely want to get down and go, but you can't because you refuse to walk. Last night I said you may actually crawl to college, your Poppa thought that was hilarious and right on the money.

You are a climber, you can climb into and out of my bed, which is 3 1/2 feet or more off the ground. Your sister still has trouble getting in sometimes. You can climb onto your train table to play with your light switch. You climb on your little people garage and sit on top like it is your throne. You can climb up and back down all 18 steps.

You are very verbal. You make your wants and needs known. You say "bye-bye, dada, mama, uh-oh, bad girl & good girl (only to the dogs), sucka, and many many more things. You have no problem communicating at all. You love to talk to your Mimi on the phone.

You love to play outside, you climb up the ramp on the play set and come barreling down the top slide by yourself head first. You are fearless, which has me scared to death. You have now figured how to stand up, up top turn around and come down backwards on your belly, this too gives me a heart attack. I stand at the bottom ready to run to the side in case you fall. I don't go to the top with you anymore, because you will barrel down the slide even if no one is there to catch you at the bottom. The first time you did this I went after you holding on to your leg and we both slid down. We fell at the bottom on to the ground and you killed yourself laughing. My sweet boy. You also love to ride the pink jeep in the driveway. You drive it better than your big sister, she is still afraid of it. Not you, we have to keep you in the driveway or you would be off to Target.

Your appetite has increased dramatically. You are going to eat me out of house and home. You will eat anything and lots of it, as long as it is homemade. You don't care for take out or restaurants that much. You hate anything frozen or out of a can like skettie o's. You love my meatballs, meatloaf, rice and gravy, spaghetti, pork chops. Just about anything I make you will inhale. Kraft macaroni, you could throw it away without touching, homemade mac and cheese you devour. I cook more now because of you!

You are not quite my snuggly boy you once were. When your eyes are open you want to go. You only snuggle with me early in the mornings, otherwise you are busy hitting the road. You try very hard to do things independently like brush your hair and teeth. You try very hard to put your own shoes on, you get mad when you can't. It is really sweet.

You also love all things pink. I think this is from your sister, maybe you secretly like to torment her. You love to put on her shoes, her dress up, carry her pink purse, use her pink heels, cook in her pink kitchen, ride in the pink jeep and carry her pink babies. I'm okay with this and so is your dad.....we know you are all boy.

You are boy through and through, you are determined to get what you want. You don't give up. You don't care if you are messy, crawling through wet and muddy grass does not deter you. You always find a way to make a mess before we head out the house. You are boy through and through.

I keep calling you my baby..... you are definitely my baby, but I guess you are starting to be a toddler too. You are growing up so fast. I just love you to pieces my little guy!



laurie said...

and you are such a Mimi's boy!!!!!

jennlagdavis said...

mikey was the same way - fearless -- and the hugs and kisses only get sweeter as your boy gets older!