Friday, January 30, 2009

A real man's man

Noah has a big is a fact of life. And due to this fact there are pink tutus, pink princess dresses, pink purses, tiaras and various other girly things lying around all the time. It is inevitable that one of Noah's favorite things to do is play dress up. Here he is the dress-up drawer.....

Hmmmm, what goes with this sparkly tiara?Awe, this earring goes perfectly!
I may not be able to point to my eyes, nose or ears on command, but I know where to put this earring.

Mom....please put down the camera and help me put my earring on dammit! -- Dont' you love the pink paci! Somewhere in blogland, Jeff Fitzgerald is cringing as he reads this - he has a sister it was bound to happen!
And to be honest, Noah has been dressing up for quit some time! He's also loved pink for quite awhile.

And while I was looking for those photos I came across this one, which describes Noah right now to a tee! It's okay mom, I'm not doing just go on about your business and don't worry about me at all.

And this one made me smile! Look at my happy baby boy! His smile is infectious! He makes me want at least 2 more!


The Owen Family said...

Soooo funny Mandi. Well Thomas' favorite color for awhile was pink and at one point he wanted a barbie. The best was at a girl's birthday party she gave out boy favors and girl ones, they handed him the boy one and he asked for the girl one instead! ha! Now that he is in kindergarten pink and all girl stuff is considered gross!! What a cutie, that Noah, tu tu and all!!

jennlagdavis said...

I'll probably have it the opposite - since the whole house is trucks, dinosaurs and action figures, Emma will probably end up a tom-boy.
2 more???? You're a brave woman!