Saturday, February 7, 2009

In hiding?

Internets: Hey Mandi where have you been?

Me: Oh me, no where

Internets: Good we were thinking you possibly had broken all ten of your fingers and couldn't type since you haven't blogged in like forever.....I mean you didn't even take such a long break when you had that second tike!

Me: Yeah, I know. See I've been busy with work, but I already mentioned that and oh I put an offer in on a house and listed mine with a realtor. Yep I did, even in this crazy real estate market, because I just want to torture myself having to go through an "average of 120 days" of getting it ready for showings with two tiny tikes underfoot. Yep, that's why! It has nothing to do with finding my dream house, well Josh and I's dream house. Uh-huh we sure did!

So Internets wish us luck and join me on this wild ride of house selling. Josh and I have never done this. We are real estate virgins(this word will get lots of creepy visitors to the site....please leave!) Anyway we have never sold a house before and only bought once, so we definitely need some luck and sell your house vibes. We have 60 will be a long two months or perhaps a very quick two months it depends on which side of the coin you look at!

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jennlagdavis said...

GOOD LUCK -- we hope you sell it quick!!!!