Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The night life!

It was about 6pm, just turning dark. We turned off the country two lane road from our subdivision onto the only and main drag in town. About a 1/2 mile ahead were lights, street lights, a digital billboard, lights from various stores like Target, Wal-mart, Chick-fil-A, Friday's, Old Navy, Smoothie King, and so on and so forth.


I have given up trying to explain to her that we don't really live in a city, but more a town, or a suburb of a missing city, because this really is not a city. When I say we are going to the city, I mean New Orleans. Somewhere that has interstates and overpasses and actual traffic....not just stop and go lights. But yes I still bitch about the traffic like everyone else here, I am becoming a small town girl.

"Yes baby, those are the city lights."

Squeals and laughter explode from the back of the van. She starts and Noah follows suit. Their laughing is infectious. The other cannot help laughing when one starts.

"Noah we are in the city! Look at the lights!"

More squeals and laughter and lots of happiness.....I love it. Josh and I look and one another and smile. Life is good.

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Blair said...

I love it when the girls giggle and laugh at each other. Usually, you can tell Frances has no clue what is actually funny, but man, she doesn't want to be left out of all the fun!

It is so joyful.