Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Starting out

Every where we go, people ask..."Has he just started walking?" And like the proud mother I am, I nod my head while beaming..."he has isn't he cute?" Most times I don't even have to add the "isn't he cute" part, people just add that in before I finish the head nods and replying yes.

My buddy, he is on the move. He walks with the biggest grin from ear to ear....beaming "look at me mom....I did it....I'm on the move." He occasionally will clap for himself and his whole face lights up.... as if saying "hey guys still a huge isn't old yet!" And it definitely is not old. I could eat him up in his adorable toddling cuteness.

It's been a while since I have had a toddler....well not really, but it seems that way. There was so much of it I forgot. The awkward little steps, the looks of uncertainty but excitement simultaneously, the quick steps when they are on the verge of falling, they way they get back up undeterred when they fall, the arms up in the air as they take those steps, the way they struggle to stand on their own, the way they holds their breath when they're almost there. The way each and every time they stand and take off it is a new adventure.

I cherish these moments, because this time around I know they will be gone before I know it and in no time he will be running circles around me. Hell he already is.

My baby is growing up right before my eyes, and I'm just gonna take it all in.

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