Friday, April 17, 2009

The fireman and the princess

Today we went with a local playgroup to the fire station. I thought Meredith might be into it, but I knew Noah would be. I was right, I just might have a future fireman on my hands. He loved the big trucks and the sirens and he was pretty fond of the firemen and fire dog too.

Mom I suggest you step back, this is a pretty big truck I'm driving here.

And while Noah was very into the fire station visit, Meredith Aurora was not. She didn't want to hear the sirens, she was indifferent about getting to go inside the fire truck, nor did she care that much for the fire dog. Her real concerns were making sure to poof up her dress like a princess when she sat down and whether or not her fire hat went with the dress.
Hey there old do I have to be to get a gig driving this thing?

Really mom, does this hat go with my dress?

Me and the tikes in the fire truck. Notice my hands acting like a restraint on Noah, the minute the picture was snapped he was up and trying to get in the drivers seat.

This place is so cool, now if that momma lady would just let me go where I want!
Hmmm I wonder if those words say "Noah's truck" should I go about getting up there.

Here is the only picture of both of my kids together. I literally was running around chasing Noah who just wanted to get into the fire truck.

Here he is scoping out a fireman to put him back in the truck. He had no time for Sparky the fire dog.

Hi Mom, I told you I'd find a fireman willing to put me back in the truck. You can go home now, I'm staying with these guys!

As we were leaving I told Noah to tell the firemen bye. He turned and looked at me and said "Bye" with his Mississippi twang and then walked back over to the firemen. I pretended to leave to see if he would cry or get upset. He didn't, in fact he didn't get upset until I made him leave with me. I'm sure we will have another visit to the fire station in our future!

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