Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You make me smile

Today we were playing outside in the driveway with bubbles and buckets of water when you turned over one of the buckets on top of yourself. You never cried or moved, you continued to pour it out on top of your legs. You sat there for a while in the cool water and then started splashing in the puddles. You had a smile from ear to ear and you never fussed.

Today you got a wash cloth out of the cabinet and you lifted up the toilet seat and started dunking it in. You did this over and over while laughing and squealing and making sure you had my attention. When you were sure you had my attention you lifted the wet wash cloth to your mouth and started sucking on it. I screeched and took it away and you just smiled. I was completely grossed out and you were so happy. You had a smile from ear to ear and never fussed.

Yesterday you were watching your sister play with her little ponies. You wanted to join in so bad. You walked over and got one of your own, mimicking her actions and sounds. You were playing ponies just like she was. You were so proud. When she saw what you had, she threw a fit and marched over and grabbed it out of your chubby little hands. You then went and got a different pony and started playing again. You never cried or yelled or bit her. You had a smile from ear to ear and never fussed.

Last week I dragged you in and out of various stores running errands while you sister was in school. We picked up stuff for Easter and her birthday and groceries. You sat in the cart like a big boy, waving to everyone who passed us. You said "hi" and "bye" to everyone who would listen with your little Mississippi twang. You were adorable and made my heart melt over and over. You got in and out of your car seat at least 8 times. You had a smile from ear to ear and never fussed.

The other night we went and got ice cream cones. You got your own. It was in a cone and quite the mess. You tried it and thought it was very cold and were a little hesitant. You watched as your sister devoured hers and then began to eat with gusto. It was all over your face and hands and in your lap. You were sitting in ice cream soup. You loved it. You had a smile from ear to ear and you never fussed.

I'm not sure what I did so right to deserve you. Your easy going personlity is so very different than my own. You smile never wavers, you hugs are always available, your laughter is contagious. You melt my heart over and over. There is nothing in life like a little boy. I love you so much and count my blessings daily that you are mine. I love you my little Noah.


Blair said...

Love it! Frances was doing the same thing in the toilet the other day. Great minds those two!

Amy said...

Love this post. It made me tear up:)