Monday, May 11, 2009

Open house

Hi welcome to my hell house, come on in. Sorry there is no where to sit and please forgive the mess. And remember wipe you feet before you walk on anything not covered by visquine....
Ignore those tools and empty box of cracker jacks, I just can't make people pick up after themselves, even the ones I am paying. we don't do snuff here.....not sure why that is lying around.

Oh you love my fire place, isn't it fabulous?

Yes, let's go get that glass of lemonade this way to the kitchen.

See the fireplace is looking a little better?

For those of you thinking WoW.....go ahead just look at that.....actual mud inside. I have officially lost it.

.......and more mud......

......and even more mud, oh and don't worry that brick does not look that dark, if it did I would seriously cry.

It looks more like this, but my photography skills are about as good as my housekeeping.

This is a thin layer that covers my entire house, those are my Brazilian cherry woods underneath it. The snuff guys didn't do a great job of covering the floors. I wonder what they are good at?

That is a mixture of dust, muck, mud and cement, in my kitchen and on my wood floors, do you see why I have lost it?

The only thing helping me keep my sanity over the weekend was this is how it looked on Friday, which means not too much longer.

Oh and the fireplace was finished Friday..........thank gawd!

The rest will be completed today, I don't know exactly what completed means though. I'm not sure if completed means they will finish the brick and leave the scaffolding, mud, muck and snuff for me to clean up, or if they might do that before they leave. Either way I'm not holding my breath did you see how good they were at covering up my floors. Exactly.
So yes, today the brick wall and fireplace is finsished, but.......tomorrow at 7am, the floor guys will be here. To remove all of my kitchen appliances and washer and dryer for at least 2 weeks. Then they will begin to rip out of the 500+ square feet of tile. Fun times, fun times, anyone want to join me for a drink? Or two, or ten? Wait don't leave......come back soon!!!!
Seriously I'm going to make you wait until the house is back together before I post anymore pictures, it really helps my sanity and anxiety if I don't have to look at the mess, even on the world wide web. Again thanks for stopping by! Next time wipe you feet so you don't make those white tracks everywhere. Damn house guest showing up before the job is finished!


laurie said...

Is it Hotel Hell or the Hall of Horror? seriously I took you to too many Spook houses when you were little, you have the narration down way to good!!!!!!

Amy said...

holy mother....??!??! The neat freak in me wants to scoop you up and rescue you from this madness! Dude, props to you, because yes it sucks now but it is going to be G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! It's cool that the fireplace is done... No? I don't know, that seemed quick to me. Hang In There honey.

P.S. How adorably cute is your husband, getting together with another guy, the kiddos, & 2 babysitters to make that mommy's day gift! What a sweetheart:)