Thursday, August 20, 2009

21 months old

Yesterday my baby turned 21 months old. Just 3 months shy of 2 years. And today he pooped in the potty.

"Poo Poo pop-pey"

"Do you want to poo poo in the potty man?"


"let's go"

And we did, and he did, and Meredith and I cheered and clapped and scared the shit out of him. Literally. Seriously he thought we were insane and he almost cried, then he realized we were freaking ecstatic and he was too. Clapping and saying yay and saying "bid boy!" 21 months old.....21 months. I guess we are possibly ready to start potty training....maybe.

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Julia said...

I am so super impressed Noah!!! I just can't imagine you not in diapers yet, you're still a sweet BABY!!!