Sunday, August 16, 2009

Being the Mama to a boy

I have resorted to the fact that Noah will NEVER leave the house clean. Meaning no matter how many times I change his clothes into something nice, new or clean .... he will inevitably get it dirty, stained or soiled before he steps a foot out the door.

When he was a baby and we would leave to go on an outing, I learned quickly to pack another "nice" outfit...because the one he was wearing was sure to be a mess by the time we reached our destination....if it hadn't been already. This outift was in addition to the standard change of clothes/onseie.

It never failed he would have an explosive diaper the minute we pulled out the driveway when he was a newborn. Spit up all over his church clothes as we were walking out, or jam a cookie in his mouth when I was grabbing my keys and all purpose bag only to drool the chocolate chips down his shirt and shorts.

Once I even made Josh turn around less than 3 miles from our house to get a different outfit for him since we were going somewhere nice and he had so many cute outifts hanging in his closet and DAMMIT I wanted him to look presentable for his cousin's party! He was only 3 or 4 months old. However no more I tell ya!

Yes, I am throwing in the towel. I can't help it. Gain freaking loves people like me --- Mama's of little boys. And Shout and I are to the point where we are spooning in bed now, we have become that close my friend. This year I am taking a different approach. I refuse to spend tons of money on cute clothes only to be ruined. So when you see Noah dressed in garbage bags don't say anything. Oh I kid....partly. I am taking the different approach though. The "I don't give a shit" approach.

Noah is what he is, a busy little boy. And I am embracing it. That cute little chocolate stain will be a reminder of how good that cookie was and why none of his clothes cost very much money! I would say I am holding out for a day when he is a little bit older and stays clean or cleaner, but since I throw more of Josh's clothes away due to awful stains even shout can't handle I am not holding out much hope.

So Mama' of boys....tell me are you little tikes a mess too?


jennlagdavis said...

OMG Mandi - this cracked me up!!
Shout Advanced & I have become really good friends because, yes, I too have a little messy terror!
And it gets worse the older they get. Mikey now uses his shirt to wipe the initial mess, then asks for a napkin --- ahhhh, such is life with a boy!

Amy D said...

Try being mana to TWO little boys ;)

Shannon said...

Girl, if you haven't discovered Clorox 2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster, then you are missing out. It works MIRACLES! I can't do without it now.

The Owen Family said...

Yep! Girl you are preaching to the choir! Logan is our little "Pigpen" and Brooks is not far behind. Logan is not only dirty, he is also messy, sticks his hands in toilet and then puts the water in his mouth, licks the bottom of his shoes, sucks his nasty toes...oh, I could go on and on, he, although exremely cute, is also very very messy. Takes after his sweet daddy :) ..Thomas on the other hand is clean, I think it is some gene he was born with, he washes his hands there is hope for you if you one day have another boy!! But boy aren't they cute!!!!!