Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My new favorite thing to love....Onstar

Since we bought that brand, spankin', new gas guzzler from the On Star people, or GM we get On Star for a year for free. For the first couple of weeks I never hit that little, blue button, but yesterday as the tikes and I drove to the beach for the third time this summer I decided to test it out. Josh had to hang home and go to the thing called work, so I was sitting in the front seat by myself listening to the Wiggles since Noah won't wear the headphones and thinking....this may be a long three hours.

With that I hit the button.....

"Hi Mrs (butcher my last name), this is On Star do you need help with directions?"

"Yeah sure"

"Okay it says you are in (name of at town I couldn't hear) and what city and state do you need to to?"

"Gulf Shores, Alabama"

"And what destination?"

"I need directions to the Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet Club"

"Okay Mrs. (butcher my last name again) I'm not finding that, how about the Gulf Shores Resort"

"No, I need them to the Surf & Racquet Club"

"Okay let me put you on hold while I look that up"

No, NO, No, Mr. Onstar keep talking to me, everyone I know to call is busy, I'm bored, please keep talking to me, honestly I know how to get to the Surf & Racquet Club! I could tell you if you can't find it. Just talk to me, how have you been? what's been going on? How are the kids?

"Mrs.(please give up on my last name) we have found it, would you like it downloaded to your navigation system?"

"Sure...why not....guess you are busy"

"Okay have a nice day!"

After that I went back to listening to the Wiggles and the Backyardigans, and then the Wiggles again.

I did have some interaction with what my family calls the "Bitch in the Box" directing me where to go. Needless to say it wasn't the same route I was taking so I often got the...."Oh fine go your way dammit, don't have directions downloaded if you won't listen"....or "Make an illegal u-turn and go the OTHER way....fine I assume you are stopping and getting food since you won't listen." Her and I didn't get along so I eventually turned her off.....damn bitches in the boxes.

But we made it, got here went to the pool, dined at a great beach restaurant, then headed to ride go carts. The kids had a great time, in fact after riding the big go carts, Noah would scream and hold his seat belt when it was time to get out. It didn't matter we had to sneak him on, since he was a good foot and a half too little to ride. Nope he loved it, and I'm not talking about the small cars, but the big fast ones. We let him ride twice once with me and once with his Mimi. Both times he was broken hearted getting off and then as we left he cried the entire way to the car, with real tears.

I have also used Onstar two more times to find destinations that I already knew where they were, once to show my parents how it works, and the other just to start a friendship with the lovely Onstar people, I'm working up to the chatting stage.

By the way, if you need a 2 bedroom condo in gulf shores...let me know, fall rates+ a family & friends discount can apply to you! Just leave a comment for more information!


Amy Drouet said...

Hey! Wish I knew you were in GS. We're in Orange Beach, but we head back to NOLA tomorrow. :)

Amy said...

Ooohhh, I'd like a rate please! Looking to take a trip with just the husband this fall. But 2 BR may be too much for just us.

2Wired2Tired said...

This is funny. I can completely relate. If I had OnStar I think I would do this too! If not for the internet I would be calling for the weather and the time all day.

I'd like a rate too. We are trying to plan an extended family trip this fall and Gulf Shores is one of our favorite vacation spots.