Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On the backburner

For the past several weeks that is exactly where this blog has been. While I somewhat use the blog to chronicle my children's lives and record milestones, it is mainly for me. An outlet if you will. Adult interaction. A place I can come and retell a story or a funny situation or just express my feelings. So I needed a break.

With the summer winding down I decided to put the blog away and soak up the last few days of summer with the kids. There has been lots going on around here. The kitchen is finished. I am still waiting on the new hardware and that will need to be installed once it arrives....which should be anyday, but overall the kitchen is finished. Hallefreakinluja! The pictures will come soon.....my camera is in the shop. I promise I am not just stalling to be mean. I have now taken on the task of redecorating my family room and dining room. However that is slow going. I will post pictures of the completed and beautiful renovations as soon as my Nikon is fixed. I promise!

Since my blogging has slacked off this summer drastically here is a recap...

-two beach vacations
-two trips to see Grandpa
- a trip to the Aquarium
- a tea party for just the girls
- Noah started gymnastics
- both tikes finished up with gymnastics
- swimming lessons
- pottery painting
- many trips to the "BIG" movies to see kids flicks
- many trips to Mimi's pool
- a few trips to the local country club pool
- going to a restaurants just for desert after dinner
- many evening snowballs
- dance camp
- got RID of the PACI, well one tike did
- bible school
- story time at the library
- booked a trip to Disney for the fall
- threw a pool party
- got rid of the loser cruiser
- bought a bus
- got a blow up pool for the driveway
- popped the blow up pool on the second day we owned it
- summer birthday parties
- some backyard barbeques
- dinner parties
- sleepovers
- a new kitchen
- lost my mind
- a new living room
- sleeping in until 9am
- yelled at contractors
- got bricked!
- joined the gym
- gained 2lbs since joining...attributing that to muscle gain
- no more napping for 3 year olds
- skipped naps for 1 year olds
- more waiting until 9am to wake the kids
- a trip to the waterpark
- many late evening bike rides
- successfully weaned Noah from his bottle
- unsuccessfully weaned Noah from his "uh-oh"
- neighborhood walks
- fired my husband from landscaping duties
- hired a landscaper
- got some much needed pea gravel....thanks Cole!
- moved furniture around alot
- actually painted the toy room by myself
- had three rooms painted professionally, including the repainting of the toy room
- movie nights at home
- many mornings snuggling in mommy's bed
- lots of mornings with cinnamon rolls for breakfast
- found my mind last week and now I am slowly adjusting to having it again.

Yes another summer has come and gone and with that my blog vacation. Things will once again be up and running around here at 2 tikes! Looking forward to getting back in touch with ya!

Here is a small glimpse of our summer....as you can see I didn't take my camera out too much!

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Amy said...

Love it!! Missed you and your tikes! Glad you're back:)