Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Because having nothing going on right now, would be too much to ask for!

I would love to write a continuance post about Disney, but that won't be happening right now.  Why?  Because of the other things going on.....mostly the swine flu!

On our flight home I noticed Noah's nose was runny, I figured it was bound to happen.  We were on a flight with hundreds of other people in really close quarters, breathing the same air, spreading multiple germs for almost 2 hours.  Not to mention every time his pacifier fell out of his mouth at Disney he or we would pick it up and give it back to him. Sanitary? No.  Convenient?  Yes.  So yes, we obviously brought home germs.

By Monday he had a fever, and by Tuesday so did Meredith.  This morning it was confirmed that we have swine flu.  Well them, not me.  I tested negative.  However I feel as crummy as they do and have even taken two naps myself.  So really I'm convinced I got something.  Maybe they didn't stick that thing far enough up my about uncomfortable.

Anyway we do have the swine flu.  Thankfully the kids are resting quietly now, which would leave me time to upload the hundreds of pics I took at Disney or I could nap instead.  For the third day in a row, the nap is going to win out.  Sorry.

Well I will nap as soon as the dishwasher installer and his loud talking wife are finished.  Did I mention that my dishwasher went out as soon as we got home?  It worked twice and then was apparently fried in an electrical explosion or something.  All I know is the electrician showed me some very burnt up wires and told me how lucky I had that green/ground wire or I wouldn't have a house anymore.  Yes, thank God for green wires. 

So as soon as I am feeling up to it, I promise to post some pics from Mouse world.  I also promise a very exciting and interesting and possibly educational post about my top 10 tricks/tips/lessons about Disney world.  Oh it will be so exciting....not really, but we can pretend.

Well that's all I got today.  I'm working on my list, maybe I'll crank that out today to, or I'll just to continue to administer the oinkment for my kids swine flu.....isn't that friend whose husband works in the ER told me about that one....apparently that's how we treat the swine flu here is south mississippi.....thanks Laura!


Gwyneth said...

So sorry - I hope you're all feeing better soon.

Amy said...


Are you kidding me? Swine flu AND your home possibly blowing up???

I am sending nothing but healthy vibes and positive energy your way! So sorry you guys have to deal with this as soon as you got home:(