Tuesday, October 6, 2009

what she says....In which she becomes her mother

Let me start this off by saying in college, I made what some people (uh-hm my mother) would call a very poor decision.  Let's be honest, I made several poor decisions in college, but this one really stands out to some people (uh-hm again my mother.)  At 19 I got a tattoo.  Yes, a real one, one that hurt like all get out going on.  It's small well smallish, it could almost be covered by a quarter, but not quite, and oh it's on my derriere.  Yep, got a permanent Phi Mu stamp right above my derriere on the right side.  What can I say, damn sorority girls.

For five years I concealed it very well in front of my mother, always picking bathing suits that hid it or jeans that didn't go that low when I was in front of her, until that one fateful day at a camp on Lake Pontchartrain.  That day I didn't do to good a job, to be honest I'd had it so long and had kind of forgotten about it.  Oh well, now she is taking it to the grave, right mom?

So that brings me to today.  Today Meredith brought a gift to her little friend in dancing whose princess party we missed Friday afternoon due to the swine flu.  Yes, she was devastated.  The little girl had brought Meredith some of her princess party favors.  The favor included a glittery princess wand, princess socks and 3, yes 3 princess tattoos!  My 3 1/2 year old was in love!  She got in the car declaring "Oh I just love it, love it, love it!"

"Mom can we put on my tattoo now?"


"My new tattoos from my friend"

"What you know about tattoos girlfriend?"


"Momma, can we put it on now?"

"No bug, we can put them on at home because we need water to put them on."

"Momma you got a tattoo"

"Yep, I do"

"Momma your tattoo is on your heiny cakes" that's our fancy word for booty

"Yes it sure is!"

About 30 minutes later we arrive home.

"Momma, can we put on my tattoos now?"

"Yeah bring it here, where do you want it, right here(pointing to her upper arm) or right here (pointing to her lower arm)?"

"No Momma!  I want it on my heiny cakes just like you!"

At that point I started imagining her pulling her panties down to show her little friend where she put her new princess tattoo and then telling everyone about her momma's.

"But if we put it there you won't be able to see it, see momma can't see hers."

"Okay, put it here" pointing to a very acceptable arm location with a sad face

Thankfully hers will wash off, maybe at 15 she will still believe mine does too!


Amy said...

Mad props to you for having the forsight to envision Meredith showing her new tattoo and heiny cakes for all to see!

Score 1 for mommy!

jennlagdavis said...

ohhhh mandi, if it wasn't for us damn sorority girls you wouldn't have such fond memories of nicholls!! ;)

I love reading about meredith -- it's like a forwarning of what to expect from my little diva!

laurie said...

Oh and how I still hate that poor desision!!!! but I will be more than willing to one day take her to get "Mimi" on her heiny cake!!!!!