Friday, January 22, 2010

Shoes and Saints

For some time my children have been complaining that their shoes are too small.  In fact Meredith refuses to wear any shoes other then some Target look alike Uggs.  Trust me they look adorable with her smocked dresses for church.  Noah has also started complaining.  He rarely complains of anything, but he has gotten to the point of refusing to put on his blue shoes. 

I have stated to my husband numerous times the past couple of months weeks, that the kids needed new shoes.  He has asked me numerous times to please go and get them some.  I haven't....I know mother of the year.  It's not that shoes are so damn expensive, which they are....or that they outgrow them so damn fast, which they is the mere fact that I need both tikes with me to try on new shoes to make sure they fit which can be hairy at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.   See once I pick them up from school and mother's day out, then feed them lunch it is way too exhausting to corral them back into the car to go to a shoe store.  Especially one that contains a train table and calico critters table and that will inevitably end in a fight when it is time to leave the store.   So that is honestly the bottom line, I'm just a too big a chicken to get my kids shoes.

Until this week....  This week my husband laid the smack-down.  Which he never when he did, I knew he was serious!  He said....quote/unquote..."you know those Saints tickets we have for Sunday, well if the kids don't have new shoes by then...we won't be going."  He said this is Friday and today the kids got some new fact Noah got two new pairs of navy pair and one red....he said  "I wan wed shoes momma!"  and how could I refuse.  Everyone should have at least one pair of red shoes right!  I knew what his dad would say to that so I bought the navy ones too!

So now...on Sunday I'm headed to the dome!  WHO DAT Baby!


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