Thursday, January 7, 2010

What they say....random

Momma, when baby Margot cries, I'm gonna say...."It's okay Margot don't cry, it's only a monster!"


Noah come put on your shoes.


So we can go get Ta-ta



Cause....cause said so!


Noah let's play choo-choo....say okay!


Noah you be dis one....say okay!


Okay noah now you drive dis way,  Noah now say Stop train

Say top tain!

No, noah don't say "say stop train", just say "stop train!"

Say top tain!

No NOAH!  Say "Stop Train!"

Say top train!

Nevermind Noah just play

Neh-mind baby jus pay!


Mom when I grow up I wanna be Beyonce,  I'm gonna sing single ladies too!

Oh bug I  hope one day you are a Beyonce.


Because then you can take care of mommy!

When you are little? 

Yep when I'm a little old mimi!


Momma, momma nuggle.....nuggle!

I lay with my littlest tike

Can you give momma a hug?



Cause said so

I reach over to give him one anyone

mush, Mush, MUSH ME MOMMA! while pushing me away

Noah I'm not smushing you!

Silly baby! giggling all over himself


Amy said...

I love Meredith's compassion on the first one! I wasn't expecting "it's only a monster!"

That's freaking hilarious!

mandi said...

don't you just love her compassion amy! It rocks! You should hear what comes out her mouth, this chick is too much!