Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Meredith

Today I spent the day at your school and I have to say I am so impressed.  You are at "real" school now.  You have a full day complete with recess and lunch and I was honored to be a part of it.  I was so amazed by you.  You are smart and considerate.  You are kind and compassionate.  You are well mannered and good natured.  You answered when you were called on.  You waited your turn.  You did your work diligently.  You ran and played when it was time.  You laughed and smiled.  You mingled with friends.  You ate your green beans off your cafeteria plate before you ate your pizza (and now I'm wondering if you really are my child).  You made sure to show you mom just what a great student you are.  I am so proud of you.  You are everything I could ask for you to be at four and half.  I can't take all the credit for that, but it makes me think that your dad and I must be doing something right.  I hope that it continues.  I hope as you get older we don't fail you as parents.  I hope we continue to help you grow and nurture that wonderful spirit of yours.  I'm so incredibly proud of my big girl and I love you!

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Amy said...

Wow, big school. I can't even comprehend the thought of that. Though I know it will be here for us before I know it.

Great job Meredith! Sounds like you are doing so well at your big school!