Monday, April 4, 2011

Being the first

Margot was not the first born, in fact she will be our last.  The caboose.  However, she will not let a title like "the caboose" get her down.  No sir-ree, in fact she is determined to be the first at several things.  She was the first of my babies to sit up at 5 1/2 months.  And now she is the first to get up and crawl on all fours at 8 months.  She's been on all fours for a while and inching forward little by little, but last Monday is what I am calling her  official crawling day.  It was the day she crawled all day and proudly showed she could get wherever she wanted.  Although she did do quite a bit of crawling on Saturday And Sunday as well.

But Monday is our day.  In fact when Josh got home Monday evening, she crawled right over to him and landed at his feet with her arms up.  It was very sweet.  He was amazed and finally believed my proclamation of her crawling abilities. 

I'm betting she is also going to be my first to walk, since she is already starting to pull up.  She just has to do it by her first birthday.

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Amy said...

Way to go Margot! You have one amazing, determined little girl on your hands...great qualities:)