Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First days of Kindergarten

Last week on Tuesday, Meredith started Kindergarten.  Wow.  It's such a milestone year.  Everything I ever learned, I learned in Kindergarten.  It's the start of a crazy, big adventure.  It was one I was not ready for.  I mean where have the past five and half years gone?  Meredith was excited, however she really did not want to go.   She would have been perfectly content to stay home with me, Noah and Margot all day.  Unfortunately that's not a reality and off she went.  There were no tears from Meredith for her first day and actually none from me either.  Of course I still have two monkeys at home to keep me very occupied.  

She was very excited about her teacher this year and the fact that lots of her little friends are in the class....excuse me....lots of her big friends...I'm not allowed to call them little anymore.  A few of her friends were not in her class, but she told me that was okay because she plays with them on the playground.  To hear how big she sounds saying all of that is what amazes me the most.  The way she says's bigger this year.  

I already went to school and ate lunch with her.  I was anxious.  I also stayed after to watch her on the playground and help in art.  This year her personality seems to be blossoming.  She's not the shy, quiet child I saw last year.  She was excited I was there,  She wanted to show me two very important things.  One the big slide and the other a big mushroom.  First, she climbed to the very top of the play structure to go down the very biggest slide.  Then she jumped right off and took me to see an "amazing mushroom" growing high up in one of the trees. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I did not picture a real mushroom.  Apparently it is all the rage with kindergarten girls on the playground.  The entire group was amazed by this mushroom.   After that she ran and played with lots of different friends and had a smile from ear to ear.  She didn't sit next to me, or hang out by me like some of her friends did.  She was too busy.  After art when it was time for me to leave I expected her to cry or get sad, instead she had a big smile, gave me a big kiss and said see you later alligator and marched right into line.

My baby is growing up...

Her new beautiful princess school bag for her big year.  She loves it...

And of course the "Meredith pose"

When we got to school we met up with her friend Grace, they are in the same class this year and wanted to walk in together.  I think both girls were very happy about that.  

We found her classroom.

And once we were inside she asked me in a whisper, to please help her find her cubby and seat.  There were tons of parents and children in the room it was very chaotic, and boy did it melt my heart for her to ask me for help.  And here she is ready to go.  After this I gave her a quick kiss and headed out the door.  It was a long first day and a long first week for me, but I survived and she loved it.

Before we headed out, I had to get one more superstar's picture.  Although this super star was sad and going to miss his big sister, he was very happy to be going home with his momma.

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