Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

From our family to yours!

This year I let everyone pick their own costumes.  Noah is Bumblebee transformer.  Meredith a punk rocker and well I picked Giddy' little piggy!

Meredith talked me into dressing up with her.  It's all she really wanted this Halloween.  So I borrowed her tu-tu and pulled the rest out of my closet.  I also gave my tennis shoes a little facelift.

Mimi came over to trick or treat with us.  She was a mix between a witch and cruella de ville.  Mimi loves Halloween and wigs.

Josh dressed up with his other baby girl.  The farmer and his pig.

I do believe Halloween may be this little piggy's favorite holiday.  After every house we visited she scoped out her goods and would eat right through the paper if we didn't open if fast enough.

We hit up every house in the neighborhood and came home with a haul.  The kids loved it and were very  into it, making sure not to skip any houses.

My beautiful girls.

My sweet Noah, being very selective in his candy choice.

This little piggy had way too much fun!

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope yours was just as great.

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