Friday, November 18, 2011

The Birthday Week

I am a huge fan of the birthday week.  I used to enjoy it as a kid.  You know going out to dinner on the night of your birthday.  Having your favorite meal cooked on a different night, celebrating at school with cupcakes and your friends, and then on the weekend the actual party.  Hmmm, maybe I grew up a bit spoiled.  But's the time to celebrate the birth of that person.  The reason they are here and happy and still able to celebrate with you.  So I do everything I can to celebrate the birthday week.  Unfortunately my little Noah's birthday fell on a Saturday.  So his party was that morning of his birthday.  Which meant no cake at school on his actual birthday, not to mention I didn't want to drag him out to eat after his exhausting day of being the host at his party.  And since I don't cook on the weekends, we went ahead and started celebrating early.

On Thursday night we all went to Gatti Town to celebrate, complete with a cake and Mimi and Poppa!

This is one silly crew I got here!

 Margot loved Gatti Town and ate more than her share of the free buffet for kids 3 and under.

Celebrating Wednesday before his birthday did throw him off a little.  He was unsure if he was actually 4 or not.  Either way he had a blast!

Finally big enough to ride the Bumper Cars.  And as you can see, we had the entire place to ourselves.

Margot really wanted to ride the bumper cars with her brother to celebrate, but instead she semi-sort of -settled for this.

And no night at Gatti Town would be complete without a round of bowling!

A strike for Meredith!

Then next morning Mimi and I met up with Noah to celebrate at school.  He was a little disappointed that Mrs. P was absent and missed his cake.  

The second cake of the birthday week!  A football, for my sports loving boy.

Noah and all his buddies celebrating!  And if you look behind them you see Miss Priss sitting at the table waiting patiently for her cake.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

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