Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Nay-Nee

All of my children have blankets or blankies. They all got their own (all the same kind) when I was pregnant with them. Meredith has green (because she was supposed to be a surprise), Noah blue and Margot pink.  My oldest two have always slept with their blankies, but they never needed them.  It was the paci's they could not live without.  I was expecting the same with Margot, but if Margot has taught me anything it is to always expect the unexpected.

She has never liked her pink blankie.  It still sits unused in our linen closet upstairs.  She has however fell madly in love with one that was given to Meredith from a friend when she was born. I guess it's my own fault since I covered her with Meredith's old one from the day she came home from the hosptial. Mainly because it was smaller and warmer. And since she could speak she has named it Nay-nee, which is a loose translation for blankie. And honey she cannot breathe, eat or most importantly sleep without that nay-nee.

We once left it and our bag of important documents (like plane confirmations, disney tickets and birth certificates for the kids) on a monorail at Disney world. I started freaking out. Not because of all the important papers that were lost, but because I knew that no one in Orlando was going to get a wink of sleep without that nay-nee. Thankfully josh and I climbed on every monorail that passed through our hotel and we located it within a half hour. Thank God for small miracles. The documents were there too.

I came home thinking it would be smart to order a back up Nay-nee.  However our original was 5 years old then and washed frequently.  The textures were so vastly different, I knew immediately that a back-up was never going to work.  It now sits to her pink blankie that I bought for her while she was in utero.

That being said the Nay-nee is now like my 4th child. I don't leave home without it and I never leave it at a friends house without permission or without leaving my 3rd child behind with it.

So you can imagine how tough blankie washing day is. I can't just sneak off and wash it. She will then walk around the house yelling "Nay-nee where are you?" And then cry all day until we " fine it momma fine it."  And you can't take it from her when she is sleeping or switch it out for another impostor blankie.  She will call you out on it within twenty minutes.  I promise.  So I've come to learn that telling her, that her Nay-nee needs a bath and having her help me put it in the washer is the best method to go about washing it. She is actually the one that throws it in. Then we normally check on it several times until it is done and depending on her mood we can then easily or forcefully with lots of tears throw it into the dryer. However I must confess, I've been known to give it to her wet.  Margot is a great fit thrower when she does not get her way.  Re-reading that statement makes me think that I may need to take a look at some discipline issues....hmmmpf.

Back to the point....Today the Nay-nee was filthy and it smelled and I was at home waiting for a delivery and nap time was far off (see how much planning goes into the washing of the damn Nay-nee) so we threw it in begrudgingly together.

We checked on it together about 5 times. Then I couldn't find Margot and walked into the laundry room and found this....

I said..."Giddy how did you get up there?"  And I got her down and she showed me.  It's like she is spiderman!

I was impressed, but I knew I had to nip that behavior in the butt immediately.  so I took her down and told her no-no.  And that it was dangerous and as I was pulling her off she grabbed the lid and tried to force it open.  It didn't work.

When she realized the lid wasn't budging she peered in and in the softest voice said "Nay-nee I wuv ooo!"

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