Friday, October 26, 2007

Noah is looking good!

Well I went to the doctor today and things with Noah are looking good! I have managed to gain 36lbs, thank goodness the appointment was 1st thing in the morning or I would have gained a lot more! His heartbeat sounded good and he was doing summersaults for the Nurse and Dr. Benton to see. Dr. Benton also checked me today, boy was that a load of fun! I think I can add that to the Top 10 list of things that suck during pregnancy. Anyway I am dilated a fingertip and my cervix is thinning out which is exactly where I was with Meredith at this point. Hopefully that means Noah won't make me wait until the 19th, but will wait until at least Tuesday October 30th! Well that is our update today! Have a great Friday everyone!


The Owen Family said...

Can't wait to meet this sweet little boy!!! So fun!!

Unknown said...

Yeah Mr. Noah!!!! Can't wait!