Thursday, October 25, 2007

Preparing for the Olympics

No not really, since there isn't an athletic bone in my body, however I feel like I trained for them today. Taking an 18 month old to have pictures taken at Sears has to be somewhat similar to running a triathalon at least. Yep it went that well. We started off by going to Olan Mills, I even called yesterday and made an appointment. I made it for 11am since she is best in the mornings and wouldn't be tired and/or cranky. So we get there at 10:45 and Meredith is all dressed up in her smocked dress with red shoes and a big red bow. She is calmly sitting on the chair eating cheerios as she waits. At 11am I ask the lady where the Olan Mills people are and you guessed it, no one has a clue. So I think fast and call Sears to see if they can take us. I mean it wasn't easy to get her all dressed up and get there on time (see yesterdays post!) So Sears can take us, but not until 12:30. So Josh(who has off this week and was with me) and I decide to grab a quick bite and then head to Sears. We had lunch, Meredith had cheetos and a little ham and wouldn't you know her pretty navy & white gingham dress is now orange in a rather large spot. But hey I don't sweat it, why???? because with a toddler I am learing not to sweat the small stuff!

So we get to Sears where we have to wait until almost 1pm because there are people running over ahead of us. And when it is finally time to take pictures, guess who decides she really didn't want her picture taken today! Yep that is right. She didn't want to sit in the chair and would tell us No! when we asked her to. She also decided she didn't really want to smile either. the best was when we put the cute bumble bee costume on and she decided that she didn't really want to wear that either. Oh well, we took them anyway and they came out okay. I was too tired, from chasing her and holding her down to care. Besides it is hard for her not to look cute so of course she does. It is more of just a cheesy cute!

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The Owen Family said...

That makes me tired just thinking about it!!! ha!