Monday, December 31, 2007

How times have changed....

With this start of another new year, I thought I would post a then and now. I was talking with my husband the other day about our relationship and how I want to keep the romance alive (you know with two kids and all.) Not that I have to worry too much, because my husband is a super romantic guy (when he has the time.) Anyway I was thinking through the past few years the different ways I have defined romance, take a look.....

in grade school, it was romatic to get a card and maybe a teddy bear from a boy! Kissing would be really gross.

in junior high, teddy bear is still really romatic, but add that kiss too!

in high school, nothing is more romantic than flowers being delivered to your high school from your boyfriend.

in college, being asked to a fraternity mixer or party is pretty romantic, with dinner at pizza hut or western sizzler even! Dinner and a movie was romantic too!

in graduate school, going to a more sophisticated restaraunt and possibly a play like "Mama Mia" is very romantic, or riding the ferry across the Mississippi late at night, being carried 6 blocks because your feet are blistered from your sister's shoes are all pretty romantic.

in the working world as a single girl, nothing was more romantic than going to eat at Bella Luna and then walking on the river walk in the rain as Josh got down on one knee.

as a newlywed, well you know what is romantic about that right???? I mean Meredith was concieved 3 months after we were married....need I say more?!?!?

as a mom of two tikes, my husband doing the dishes knocks my socks off, doing laundry and then folding it and putting it away is really romance, and cleaning the floors (mopping, vacuming, sweeping) is damn near orgasmic!!!!

Yeah times have changed and so has the definition of romance. What do you find romantic this year????


Jaimie said...

too cute

Blair said...

my idea of romatic? turning off the lights as you leave the room to save $$! Oh, I need to get out more. But I am with you, if he does the dishes, my heart melts.