Monday, December 31, 2007

Where does the time go????

It is 10:45am and I finally have a minute to myself. I have been up since 3am! Noah woke to eat at 3am, well actually I was awake so I woke him to eat so he wouldn't wake me later. After I fed him and got him back to sleep in his glider, I remembered Meredith was in bed with us. And really that means no sleep for anyone else in the bed with her, unless you call being kicked on sleep! Then Noah was up at 7am to eat and I got up with him, at 8am he was ready for a nap so I climbed back in my bed with Meredith to catch a little snooze. Well that lasted for 10 minutes and then she was up wanting "juice, eeeeegggzzzzz, and O-meal!" umm we did yogurt juice and otameal. Then Noah was up at 9:30 to eat again and now they are both in beds, not sleeping, but there because I just needed a miiiii-nut! As meredith would say!

And I am not complaining really, I mean I just need a little "me time" to unload/reload the dishwasher, do a little laundry, pick up a toy room, put folded clothes away, fold a few clothes, wipe down countertops and do some general picking up since this mornings tornado (tornado meredith came through about 8:15am.) And then I need to do the basics....
I haven't brushed my teeth/hair or showered, I havent' eaten breakfast (I did ask my husband for a pop tart at 7am before he headed to work, but I have yet to find it!) I did get a quick potty break, but other than that I am in the same shape as I was at 3am! And now the little time I do have, I am blogging!!!! What is wrong with me. Toodles and happy new year! I hope this year brings more sleep and me time.

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