Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quoting Meredith....what she says

Here are a few things she has said lately.....

Mommy: meredith we need to change your diaper.
Meredith: no mommy, in a Miiiii-nut


opening presents from her mimi
Mimi: hands meredith a pretty bag with lots of tissue
Meredith: opens it up looks inside at the clothes and hands it back to mimi .....No Mimi! No!


this morning when she wasn't feeling to well, she climbed up in my bed, laid down on my pillow and...
Meredith: Mommy toons?
Mommy: Do you want to watch cartoons?
Meredith: mmmhmmm
Mommy: opening up the dvd case Do you want to watch wiggles?
Meredith: (the most pathetic mmmhmmm) and hands the dvd to daddy
Daddy: puts the Wiggles DVD as Mommy continues flipping through the dvd case
Meredith: No No Daddy! No Wiggles.....Tubbies!!!! (waving her hands in the air in a panic as she hurries to grab it out the case)


tonight as she was on a sugar high after eating only dessert for dinner (her parents are softies when she is sick)
Meredith & Mimi: on the floor with her shoot(basketball) playing "throw, run, maybe catch, and laugh a lot"
Meredith: running after the shoot, falls to the floor and is semi-tackled by Brownie, she then jumps up and says....It's otay! It's otay!......and then takes off running again


Jaimie said...

I can't wait to see this in person!! Don't forget to send me my Brady pics!! :-)

The Owen Family said...

That is just too cute..I can't wait for Logan to start talking like that! She is such a smart little girl!