Monday, January 14, 2008

who is training who???

So this weekend I took Brownie outside in the front yard to do her business. Meredith tagged along to assist, since we have been working so hard at potty training. Brownie was taking her good old time in the front yard and sniffing around and I started to grow a little impatient. So I urged Brownie to hurry up and potty. Meredith was just wandering around saying "hu-wee Mwonie, hu-wee!" Brownie continued to sniff, looking for the perfect spot to do her business. Since we were in the front yard and I have a lab that loves to wander, I could not exactly leave her outside alone. So I continued to urge Brownie to hurry and potty dammit! To which Meredith began "hu-wee dammit, hu-wee!" Then I said the magic words, "Brownie potty and we will get a cookie!" So Brownie walked right in front of Meredith and I and squatted to do her "tinkle, tinkle". To which I applauded her and said let's get a cookie.

Meredith then shouted, "Mommy, potty, potty!" "good girl, cookie! COOKIE" and as I looked back I saw her squatted in the grass just like brownie. We then all 3 came in and got cookies.

Potty training is going well!


The Owen Family said...

So hilarious! She is a little comedian.

Jaimie said...

I didn't realize you were potty training. Good Luck!

mandi said...

We are getting ready to, we are just really encouraging it right now, even though she has no use for big girl potty!