Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's a war zone over here

And unfortunately despite our best efforts, influenza is winning. If you saw my daughter your heart would break, it is so sad. She has no way of telling us how miserable she is, she has pointed to every part of her body saying "hurt". She tosses and turns all night and moans. She cannot keep anything down and has thrown up any attempts. She begs me for food, noo-nuls and cheez or oreos, but we have tried it all. Unfortunately anything she puts in her little belly comes back up and it is so unpleasent. Her Poppa stopped by this morning with donuts, some for the whole family, but inside the box were 2 heart shaped donuts with red, pink and white sprinkles on top....I wish I could give them to her. But I know what will happen, so I will save them and hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Noah is doing somewhat better, no fever today. He still cries out in a piercing scream every now and then to let us know he does not feel great. But he sometimes smiles and coos and laughs. I love that he has finally started talking to me, I just wish he was saying something other than...."I don't feel good mommy!"


Olivia said...

Bless your heart Mandi, I am so sorry the kids are sick. I pray that they get well soon and I pray that you and Josh don't get sick. My thoughts are with you

Blair said...

I hope you all get to feeling better soon. It is never fun to have sick babies around the house. I hope you stay healthy and it passes soon!