Saturday, February 9, 2008

Even with the flu, the girl still has her style

So Meredith is miserable, beyond miserable. However that did not stop her from dragging me to her room to her closet and pointing to her Tom Brady jersey hanging up. I asked if she wanted it on, she said "uh-huh". So I obliged, got it down and started to put it on over her pajama top. Nope, not good enough. We had to remove the pajama top first and then put on the jersey. Then she requested her hat. I grabbed the only one I saw, the cowboy hat. I handed it to her, she put it on her head and said "tank you mommy" and walked away.

in the picture above she was saying "hi tay-la!"

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Jaimie said...

Mr. Jon is so proud. :-) Tay-la says to get better Mer!