Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stay away, stay far, far away!

It is confirmed we have the flu!!!! Well at least Meredith right now. We are hoping that my nursing Noah will keep it away from him! Say some prayers.


Caryn said...

Ok, that really stinks! I can't even imagine what your days are like with a toddler, infant, and the flu...keep yourself don't need it too! I guess Brandon is far enough away to keep it from us! Whew! Hope you all get well very soon! Prayers are with you...Caryn

Jaimie said...

I'm so sorry Mandi. Poor little Meredith. Hope she is doing better today than yesterday.

Jess said...

Argh, that's so horrible! I feel for you guys. Poor little Meredith... Let us know if you need anything. Get well soon!!!