Friday, February 8, 2008

Will this freakin day END ALREADY!!!!

UGh and if you think my day was bad, Meredith's and Noah's were 10 times worse. We all need it to end and start fresh tomorrow. Here is how the day started....

At 5am I heard wah, wah, WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, sob, sob, WAAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAH!

translation....."Mom, Mom, I need milk, mom, mom, I NEED MILK DAMMIT!!!!!"

So I rush up the stairs and give him the boob before he wakes up Meredith, then he has a poop explosion that I change mostly in the dark hoping I am wiping in the right places and that the diaper is not on inside out or on backwards. Then we rock, and we rock, and we rock some more. He never does go back to sleep At 6am I am exhausted and I give up so I put him in his crib and he starts a crying, but see this is prime Meredith wake up time and I need some sleep. I do not need Noah waking her up because then the day really starts and did I mention I needed sleep. So I send up my husband to get the boy and I head back to dreamland. He goes and tends to Noah and brings him downstairs and the crying game begins. Finally at 6:30 the house is silent.

At 7:30am I hear "mommy, mommy" poor pitiful sounding mommies too. I hate to say it, but I tried to ignore them. Noah is finally sleeping peacefully in the bed next to me, can a mom just get 5 more minutes. And again I hear "mommy, mommy, hu-wee." So I begrudingly get out the bed and haul my tired ass back up the steps. I turned on the light in her room and that is when I was jolted awake. There was puke everywhere. It was red, I thought it was blood....then I remembered she had fish sticks with ketchup and a slice of pizza for dinner....don't ask!

So I clean her up and change her clothes. I pull off the bedding and haul it downstairs. And what does she ask for yogurt juice. Now every bit of sense I have says "DO NOT give the child any form of yogurt"....but I am weak and I do. Later on the same episode that probably happened around 7am, happens again. And again, and again, and again. Then she took a nap around noon and she woke up and it happened again, and again, and again. All in all it happened about 10 times. And each time it did my heart broke for 2 reasons. One I hate seeing my babies sick. And two, each time she got sick afterwards she would say "Sa-wee, sa-wee mommy." And I tried to explain over and over that it was okay she was sick, no need to be sorry. But she continued each and everytime with "sa-wee mommy, sa-wee!"

Finally around 4pm my husband gets home to help out. He comes in and gets some tylenol for the fever that crept up on us. He changes the ongoing laundry I have been doing all day. He heads back up stairs to gather more soiled sheets and rugs and towels and he is carrying around Noah that has been neglected of cuddling time today. He and Noah took a walk upstairs to fetch Meredith another pair of pajamas and on his way down the steps (all 17 of them) he falls. And yes, he was holding Noah. I screamed because I heard the fall, I knew it would be bad. Luckily for Noah it was not. He is fine. He was scared to death, but okay. Me too and Josh as well. He said he has never heard me scream like I did. I was not even near the steps, but I heard it and knew exactly what was happening. Meredith was also scared to death, I am sure by my blood curdling scream. Josh has a few sore bones, bumps and bruises, I am pretty confident he will survive.

Fast forward to tonight, it is 8pm I am just getting online to blog, while eating dinner and hoping that when I walk back to our bedroom my husband has gotten our daughter who still has fever, to sleep. Thank you day for ending, I hope tomorrow you bring a much better one.


mandi said...

On a side note, we just found out my sister has a confirmed case of the flu. She was around all of us this week. Tomorrow morning Meredith and possibly Noah will be going in for a flu swab, despite what the pediatric clinic says! Say some prayers or send some get well vibes!!!!

The Owen Family said...

oh gosh!!! So sorry she is sick! I hope she feels better. Poor Meredith and Poor Mommmy too!!!