Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poppa Rocks!

On July 4th, Poppa made a deal with Meredith. When she was "officially" potty trained, he would buy her a pink jeep. We went to Toys R Us and scoped them out and made the deal. Meredith didn't forget it and she made sure Poppa didn't either. When she actually started to take this potty training stuff seriously Mimi was ready to run out and buy an escalade, but Poppa wanted to make sure it was the real deal! So after a week of no accidents and wearing big girl pants all over town, during naps and on long car rides.......we are proud to say Meredith is the owner of a new pink jeep! We went the other night and picked it out with Poppa! She really did want the big, obnoxious, black Escalade! Thankfully Poppa, Josh and I were able to knock some sense into both Meredith and Mimi! Congrats to my big girl!!!!! And Poppa we are sorry potty training cost you so much moula!

Hey guys, it comes with a real radio, mommy is trying to figure out how to disconnect the damn thing! Are you guys seriously going to let her drive? Does she have a license?Ummm you know what you are doing?Woohoo here we come!!!!!

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