Friday, August 1, 2008

Two going on Twelve!

Today Meredith wanted to show me just how much of a big girl she was.

"Hey Meredith want to go to subway for lunch?"

"No momma, I want a-zine-ya"

"Alright let me finish feeding bubby and I will get you some lasagna"

"And fwuit momma"

I fixed her and I bowl of leftover lasagna and some fruit.

"Meredith are you finished?"

"Yes momma, I go potty"

"Okay wait for mommy"

"No mommy, I do it"

A few minutes later I walked in to find her emptying her potty into the big potty very carefully, the big potty was full of toilet paper too!

"Miz do you need mommy's help?"

"No I do it, I big girl"

"Did you wipe?"

"Yep, I wipe my pwivate pawrts!"

"Okay, well go put on your panties"

"No momma!"

"Yes mam put them on!"

"No mam momma"

"Meredith, I'm going to count to three"

Runs back and grabs her princess panties.

"No count to three momma, I do it!"

"No count to three" trying so hard to put on her panties

"Momma, I tired, I take a nap-a-doodle"

starts heading up the steps and rambling....

"Momma check on Mizzie in a minute..... momma clean up lunch.....Momma do da dishes....Momma check on Nowee and Mizzie"

A few minutes later I climbed the stairs and head into Meredith's room to find her laying in her bed under her blankie with her pacifier in her mouth. She is such a big girl, but still my baby!

"Meredith are you sure you want to nap right now, it's only 11:30?"

"No momma, I wake, I get out!"

And then we headed back down to play. Right now they are both peacefully napping in their beds, both growing as they sleep.

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Shannon said...

You won't regret it. Jax started pre-school at 2, and he absolutely LOVED this past year. Meredith will learn so much. You'll be amazed, but I won't lie. Dropping her off that first day is going to bring tears to your eyes.