Sunday, August 31, 2008


It could be Christmas here, that is the only time my whole family usually gets together. That and hurricanes. I wish it were Christmas, that would mean this big, scary storm breathing down Nola's neck would be gone, history, because Christmas is definitely not in Hurricane season.

But Christmas, it is not. And Gustav is knocking on our door. We had evacuees arrive at our home at 4:30am last night. They didn't want to leave, but who ever does. They did, they knew it was best, like so many in the city of New Orleans they are scared. And I don't even live there and so am I. I'm not scared of my house flooding or being blown away here, I am pretty sure we are safe. I am scared because Nola will always be my home.

I also worry about the psychological impact this storm will have on so many Katrina survivors. After August 30, 2005 life became before Katrina and after Katrina for so many Louisiana and Mississippi residents. And now three years later it is happening again.

I have had friends calling and emailing me for days. "We can't do this again", " I can't believe this is happening again", "I am still so tired from Katrina". I'm not sure how much more these people can take. Please pray for those that are in the wake of this storm. I know firsthand how life changing this can be. I know what it is like to watch family members leave their home and nothing to return to. I have seen the deep, dark depths they can sink too. It's not pretty, not at all.

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