Monday, August 25, 2008

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

Today was a bad day. I should just leave it at that, but why not share it all with you. You know those days where you should of just stayed in bed. That was my day, except with motherhood you get no days off, there are no sick days, vacations days or mental health days. And wow do I need a mental health day.

My kids slept in until 7:00am. That is pretty late for us. We woke up and did our usual breakfast and morning routine and I thought, oh gymnastics isn't until 10:30 we can take our time getting up and out this morning. Then the phone rang...

"Hi Mrs. So and So, this is electrician so and so. Your husband called and asked me to come install some fans for you"

"Yeah, he said you were planning to come one day this week, what day were you thinking?"

"Uhm today, right now actually, is that okay?"

"Sure (let me just brush my teeth, shower, put on a bra, clean up and rearrange my whole day) Yeah no problem at all."

I then raced to the shower, semi-cleaned up breakfast, and then by the time I showed him where I needed the fans, how to get attic access, picked up everything I didn't want covered in sheet rock dust and got two kids dressed and ready for gymnastics, my leisurely morning of taking our time to get ready was over and it was time to go.

We headed home from the gym to find the electrician was still on the job, but at lunch. I looked around and didn't see any fans hung and thought, wow this will be a big bill as Mr. Electrician man is charging by the hour.

At 4:30pm Mr. Electrician man knocked off for the day, he will finish his estimated 4 hour job sometime tomorrow. And $$$ are flashing through his mind. At 5pm we headed out to dance class and as I was backing out of the garage I took of my side view mirror.

Josh laughed, I didn't think it was funny. He laughed all the way to the gym and told me he was pretty sure some grey tape would fix that bad boy right up. Yep some tape and a few hundred bucks I am sure.

Tonight we tucked them both in and finished the gazillion stationery orders I have ( which is a really good thing....I have a mirror to fix.) We hyped up the start of the first day of preschool tomorrow and although a part of me is thrilled a part of me is so very sad! I will miss my bug so much.

I then headed downstairs to read over her papers that I got in the mail a few weeks ago and filled out. School bag packed - check. Sippy cups packed - check. Extra clothes and panties packed - check. Registration papers filled out and ready to go - check. Vaccination forms ---- Oh crap! Vaccinations forms? How did I forget the damn vaccination forms! Really I knew tomorrow was the first day of school, but in my mind it seemed much further away than tomorrow.

So I have one of three options, I can keep her home which would devastate her, but let me hold onto my baby one more day. I can bring her without the form and play the dumb mom, but what kind of message would that send to the school and my daughter - rules...who needs rules. Or I can wake up at the crack of dawn to rush to the pediatricians office to get the forms and then rush Noah to the babysitter and then rush Meredith to school.....I guess I will go put on my running shoes right now!

See you guys tomorrow and will let you know how all the running goes.

And how the first day of school goes.

And how long it took Mr. It will only take 4 hours to complete the job.

Tomorrow will be better and remember objects are always closer than they appear!


jennlagdavis said...

gosh -- you're day was almost as bad as our day of accidents! :)

jennlagdavis said...

gosh -- you're day was almost as bad as our day of accidents! :)