Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh my little Noah...

Dear Son,
You are rapidly approaching your nine month birthday and showing me all the new things you can do. It is amazing how you just fell into place with our family like you had been here all along, I guess in my heart you were. You are doing so many new things each day it is amazing. You now have one tooth with the second trying to cut through, I am using that excuse for your many sleepless nights lately.

You are currently sitting up like a pro and falling over like a pro when you want something. You can't quite crawl yet so the next best thing is to lunge after what you want. It is pretty hysterical. I am betting you could crawl if you wanted to, you seem to scoot backwards really well....however you have to lay on your belly for over .5 seconds to actually try and do it and these days you just don't want to do that.

Many times when I am holding you you have your feet just a running, like if I put you down you would take a running head start and just walk and run and skip the whole crawling phase. You also have the most serious case of what I call...armitis. (Arm-eye-tis - this is a condition where you feel like you need to be held round the clock) I have no idea how you developed this or why my left arm constantly feels like it will fall off at any second.

Some other things you are doing is attempting to eat table food. You will lunge and I mean lunge after some stars and cheerios. Even in your high chair, you whole body goes after that cheerio or star. You also refuse to eat baby food if there is real food anywhere around. We now feed you baby food first and then real food off of our plate when we eat. I would just give you the real food, but you aren't quite good enough yet just for real food. You love ground meat that is in spaghetti and lasagna, definitely your favorite! But you will eat almost anything we give you.

You currently have the attention span of a fly. It is becoming increasingly harder to feed and nurse you unless we in a very quite room that has absolutely no distractions. I guess that is the boy in you. You will almost turn your neck 360 degrees to see what is going on behind you. I must admit sometimes I get a little frustrated, but that never bothers you, you just keep smiling.

You and your sister have also started playing together, you have gotten very vocal with her, it is downright hilarious. If she takes away a toy you had or picks up something you want, you scream bloody murder. She has started to give it back sometimes and say "it's okay Noah, it's okay" in a very hushed and worried tone, you have brought out a new side of her.

You also hate orajel. I put in on my finger to rub on your gums and when I do your face gets all contorted and you convulse like you are having a grand Mal seizure. I know you hate it, but it is so funny to watch. After the initial shock goes away you smile the biggest smile, like relief! That is why I give it to you day after day, not to see the hilarious reaction....I promise.

You can also wave bye-bye and sometimes you will say "ba-ba" when you do. You are also saying mama and dada and lots of other noises, you are definitely a talker.

Well my sweet boy, I just wanted to say I love you! Oh how I love you, so much!



Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on all your latest blogs. They are wonderful!!! Meredith is so grown up and beautiful. I'm sure she looked good even while dunked in a toilet. Poor thing. Noah sounds so much like David. Your new blog picture is so sweet. I just want to touch Meredith's curls!

mandi said...

Thanks Lisa!